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Water Softeners Services

If your home or business has a heavy water problem, contact Hy-Pro Plumbing and Drains to see how we can help. Symptoms of heavy water, water which contains an excess of certain metal ions, include:

  • Soap scum on tubs and shower walls
  • Buildup of limescale causing fouling and corrosion
  • Rust

To correct these problems, many homes and businesses choose to install water purifiers to remove these metal ions from the water as it enters the building. If you would like to have a water purifier installed or if you already have one which needs maintenance or repairs, our certified and experienced plumbers will be happy to help you find the right solution.

Properly sizing a water softener based on water conditions, water usage, and the local plumbing it will connect to is important for best resin life. The ideal regeneration period is 8 days, if your system to taking longer to regenerate then you may wish to consult an expert to check that it is set up correctly and that it’s proper size.

Routine maintenance and inspection is a great way to ensure your water softener continues to function as intended. Cleaning the cabinet and removing any buildup is important for the efficiency of the unit as minerals can build up inside. Check your water quality and schedule regular inspections to prevent the system from becoming clogged or failing.

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