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Trenchless Technology Pipe Repair

Having underground pipes replaced used to be a time-consuming, expensive process of digging them out, replacing them, and then covering them back up. This would mean anything on the surface above would need replacing or repairing, increasing the time and money required for the job.

Luckily, new technology has improved the process and removed the need for complicated excavations and excessive surface damage.

Our Hy-Pro Trenchless Technology system allows our technicians to replace most underground pipe through an average 4" cleanout without disturbing surface materials such as:

  • Driveways, roadways, parking lots, or other paved areas
  • Landscaping including patios, gardens, flower beds, and trees
  • Porches, pools, hot tubs, and decks
  • Floors
  • Electrical, gas & water lines to your home or business

This means that not only is the job completed more quickly but costs are kept to a minimum by removing additional expenses. Also, you will not have to worry about cutting off services to your home or business as our technicians are trained to work around all electrical, gas, or water connections.

Trenchless technology is a type of subsurface construction work that does not require the use of continuous trenches. It includes a variety of methods that can be employed to replace entire pipes or simply perform spot repairs. These methods include:

  • Lateral Lining Systems including Air Inversion and Pull in Place
  • Spot Repair
  • Pipe bursting

By installing a pipe liner inside existing pipes, lateral lining systems take advantage of the plumbing already present and are guaranteed to last a minimum of 50 years. Pull in Place systems are not for every sewer system, for more information about the benefits and potential complications, read more here.

Our spot repair systems offer many advantages over traditional dig and replace methods including:

  • No surface damage or inconvenience to public or traffic
  • Permanent structural repair with high tensile strength, compression strength, and durability
  • A stronger pipe than the original

The process is simple, efficient, and cost-effective and is sure to yield great results with the minimum level of inconvenience. For more information about spot repairs for your home or business, click here.

When an existing pipe requires complete replacement, pipe-bursting is an effective method of installing a new pipe without having to dig a new channel. Popular in urban areas where there is likely to be a lot of subsurface pipes and connections, this technique uses the channel left behind by the burst pipe to pull or push the replacement pipe into position with minimal chance to disturb other pipes or nearby gas or electrical connections.

Trenchless Technology Pipe Repair Before Trenchless Technology Pipe Repair After