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Service Pipes Ontario

Municipal, commercial, and industrial water service supply pipes require occasional maintenance and inspection to ensure they are continuing to operate effectively. Even partial clogs can have an impact on the efficiency of a water distribution and processing system.

To prevent problems it is essential to assess the condition of these underground pipes with minimal disruption to the surface and surrounding area. Through the use of our pipe and sewer video inspection technology, the plumbers at Hy-Pro Plumbing and Drains are able to easily and accurately assess and formulate a solution to any problem including:

  • Malfunctioning valves
  • Cracked or corroded pipe walls and liners
  • Failing welds
  • Removal of blockages or debris

Once assessment is complete, our employees can perform the necessary repairs or replacements by employing our trenchless technologies. This will prevent the additional expenses associated with damage to surfaces such as:

  • Parking lots, streets, or driveways
  • Gardens and landscaping such as trees or flowerbeds
  • Decks, patios, pools, and hot tubs
  • Floors

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