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Invasive Root Cutting Services

One of the biggest threats to outdoor plumbing is nearby trees and their large, spreading root systems. Roots can force their way into a pipe and then grow through the hollow space with ease. Left alone, these roots will eventually block the entire pipe and cause backflow and other problems.

To get rid of these invasive roots there are two main methods: chemicals which prevent root growth and regular root cutting to remove any intrusive roots before they grow too large. In some areas this chemicals are not allowed due to concerns over groundwater contamination.

Root cutting is an effective solution in any area and can be performed without worrying about causing damage to the ecosystem. It is also an acceptable method for use with septic systems which may not allow for the use of root killing chemicals.

If you are experiencing water flow problems and live in a wooded area, you may have a root problem. Contact Hy-Pro Plumbing and Drains today. Our employees will provide you with an up front, firm quote before they begin work so you always know exactly what your costs will be. If you prefer a hassle-free, no-nonsense plumber, you’ve come to the right place!