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Hydro Jet Drain Cleaning

Why Is Drain Cleaning Important?

A silent and efficient drains are essential to the completion of many daily tasks. Bathing, toilet usage, cooking and cleaning all require the use of clean water. When you are aware that there is a problem with your drainage systems, address the problem immediately. By preventing damage beforehand, you can save time and your money. Your drainage systems can become clogged with hair, soap, and other everyday items you may have initially thought wouldn’t cause an issue. Essentially, any object other than water that enters your drainage system can be a hazard.

Hydro Jet Drain CleaningThere are a variety of reasons to why your drains become blocked. In different areas of the house or building, it is helpful to keep in mind the dangers that can pose to your drains. In bathrooms, the most common cause is soap and hair build up. In kitchens, the most common cause is grease, oil, and food debris.

At first, your drainage will gradually get slower before the damage spreads to the entire system. It is also important to keep in mind that water seeks the fastest exit when your drains become blocked. This exit will most likely be out of your sink drains and toilets, and can possibly overflow onto your floors, resulting in an expensive repair bill. You may see that the overflowing water is not clear which means that it is riddled with bacteria as the water is often mixed with raw sewage. The overflowing water can also cause damage to your walls and furniture if it accumulates.

Your clean drainage system operates on an effective pressure balance. This pressure balance can become dangerous if disturbed as your pipes can crack or even burst. In the end, you must deal with an expensive mess that your insurance policies may or may not cover. This is why proper drain maintenance is so important.

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What Are The Dangers To A Blocked Drain?

A clogged drain is initially a small problem. It simply tests your patience in the beginning but your intelligence in the long run. The longer this problem persists, its potential threats become deadlier. The biggest danger lies in its damage to your health and home.

When small objects, random debris, and grease can gradually accumulate in your pipes, your clean water will become stagnant. With enough buildup, stagnant water will emit a musty odor that will permeate your house with an unhealthy and unpleasant atmosphere. Meanwhile, the water can also seep into foundations and corners of the house that can weaken its structure. The moisture that comes from the walls or floorboards can lead to discolouration, warping, or water stains. In addition, stagnant water attracts pests, mosquitoes, and other insects that carry diseases and germs. This makes the area prone to mildew, mold, and bacteria infestation.

How Is Drain Cleaning Conducted?

It is beneficial for you to be aware of what is going down your drain. Initial prevention is the best and most effective method to keep your drains clean. But mistakes can happen regardless. To get a better grasp of how drain cleaning works, it may help to get a general idea of how your drainage system works as a whole.

There are many different pipelines in your house, or building, that serve two different primary purposes. First, you have the pipes that extend from your toilets, tubs, showers, and sinks into the ground. These pipes are what makes it possible for you to get clean water when you turn on the faucet, hose pipes, washing machines, or anything you have in your home or building. Other pipelines take away the waste that comes from the toilet or elsewhere. These pipes eventually lead to your local sewer or septic tank. While it is inevitable that other debris will enter your pipes, excessive amounts can cause extensive damage if not handled immediately, properly, or even not at all.

A common and do-it-yourself method of cleaning your drains is purchasing solutions that you simply pour down your sink. However, as most chemicals are potentially harmful to your drains, we recommend using these products for proper drain cleaning maintenance. Another method is to mix vinegar and baking soda, and flushing out toxins with boiling water. However, some drain problems, unfortunately, cannot be so easily fixed and require professional services for effective cleansing.

Another method is to mix vinegar and baking soda, and flushing out toxins with boiling water. However, some drain problems, unfortunately, cannot be so easily fixed and require professional services for effective cleansing.

Professional drain cleaners will first examine your drains with a camera designed to go smoothly into your drainage system to identify clogs and damaged drains. This initial examination will save plumbers a lot of time as it determines exactly where the problem is and how to address it. In some cases, tree roots can infiltrate your pipes, especially if their material is older clay and cast iron. As tree roots grow, the amount of damage done to your pipes will also increase. If tree roots are present in your drainage systems, we would use a hydro jetter to effectively eliminate them.

What Drain Cleaning Services Can We Offer You?

We are aware of the importance of clean drains. This is why we offer a variety of drain cleaning services to suit your needs. Our services are separated into three specific categories: commercial, residential, and emergency. We want to make sure that you are aware of the differences between our services before determining what drain cleaning services you need. By allocating some of your time to become knowledgeable in these areas and by understanding the nature of the work being performed, you will optimize your benefits that we will provide for you.

Commercial Drain Cleaning Services

Your business cannot operate properly without proper cleanliness and hygiene. In this case, clogged drains will pose as a dangerous issue in the long run of your retail space. Commercial plumbing systems include but are not limited to ensuring that the pipes a business space, office building, shopping centers, movie theaters, restaurants, etc. are clear of any debris. The most common commercial drain problems are sometimes the result of the buildup of leftover food, grease, small utensils, mop strings, or hygiene products. Below is the variety of commercial drain services we offer.

  • Sink Drains
  • Sewer Drain Cleaning
  • Grease Trap Services
  • Water Jetting
  • Camera Line Inspection
  • Pipe Lining
  • Excavation
  • Emergency Plumbing
  • Storm Drain Cleaning
  • Pipe Bursting
  • Trenchless Repairs
  • Toilet Drains
  • Sewer Line
  • Drain and Sewer Line Repair

As we are aware of the large volume of demands placed upon fixing your commercial plumbing systems, we will ensure that your goals and needs are met. If you have any questions or concerns about our services or what service you need, do not hesitate to contact us.

Residential Drain Cleaning Services

An unclogged drain leads to a healthy house. Residential plumbing systems involve your home’s drainage pipes in the kitchen, bathroom, basement, laundry room, and the outdoors.

Kitchen Drain Cleaning Services

Kitchens are often thought of as the heart of the home. When one of your plumbing fixtures is out of commission, this can have a noticeable effect on the activities of your daily life. While we know how important it is to have your drains free of debris, we still offer you a variety of plumbing services to ensure that your kitchen equipment is functioning appropriately and effectively.

  • Drain Cleaning
  • Faucet Repair
  • Leak Repair
  • Dishwasher Repair
  • Garbage Disposal Repair
  • Installations

Most importantly, kitchen drains are more prone to slowing down by being clogged by soaps, grease, food debris, and detergents. This buildup first begins on the inner walls and will become harder to remove the longer the problem persists. We recommend in using these products for proper drain cleaning maintenance.

Kitchen Drain Cleaning Tips

There are a few ways you can do daily to maintain cleanliness in your kitchen drains. This will reduce your expenses spent on professional services if you develop these tips into daily habits.

Respect Your Garbage Disposer

Avoid using your garbage disposer for any food that is difficult to grind such as carrots or celery and dispose of liquid grease in other places.

If your garbage disposer is not functioning properly, try resetting it first. Turn the switch off before pressing the small reset button that is usually found near the bottom. In the event that your garbage disposer is still functioning appropriate or effectively, give Hy-Pro Plumbing & Drain Cleaning a call for an experienced professional to assess and address your situation.

Clean Your Drains Monthly

Perhaps set a date of every month where you will clean your drain. You will be rewarded with more money in your wallet. If you are noticing that your drains are acting finicky regardless of your efforts, give Hy-Pro Plumbing & Drain Cleaning a call so an experienced professional can assess and address your situation.

Bathroom Drain Cleaning Services

It is never pleasant to have a clogged drain. It is even more unpleasant when it occurs in the bathroom. Perhaps you have a leaky faucet, or your toilet isn’t running properly. Regardless, it is an uncomfortable feeling knowing that there is an issue with your bathroom drains. This is why we offer our professional bathroom plumbing services to help you solve these issues.

  • Drain Cleaning
  • Faucet Repair
  • Water Restoration
  • Leak Repair
  • Shower Repair
  • Toilet Repair

Bathroom drains are more prone to trap hairs, small charms, pins, or caps. Sometimes you may not even know how or when it got there. Cleaning your bathroom by keeping an eye on your items and sweeping for hairs will be rewarding in the long run.

Bathroom Drain Cleaning Tips

Even though our professional services are only a phone call away, there are habits you can develop to save you money.

Clogged Tub Drain?

Along with soap and water, hair and pet fur can make their way into the pipes and cause a blockage. Prevent this from happening by using a tub strainer to trap debris before it enters your drains. However, remember that your strainer also needs to be cleaned every once in a while. If a clog does occur, remove the strainer and use a flat plunger on the drain. If, after several tries, the problem still persists, you may need professional help. In this case, call Hy-Pro Plumbing & Drain Cleaning for an experienced professional to assess and address your situation.

Clean Your Bathroom Drains

Your weekly bathroom cleaning routine probably consists of the toilet, sink, mirror, and floor. Few people remember to clean their bathtub as well. It is recommended that you clean your bathtub for soap debris and mildew regardless if you use it occasionally or not at all. This will prevent future problems in your other systems as drainage systems too. To decrease your chances of experiencing these issues, use a brush to give your bathtub and its surrounding tiles a scrub. Allocate some of your time to your drain too and clean your strainer and wash the stopper. If you have any questions or need professional assistance, call Hy-Pro Plumbing & Drain Cleaning for fast access to an experienced professional.

Basement Drain Cleaning Services

People are often more familiar and knowledgeable about common plumbing fixtures than they believe. By using these utilities on a daily basis, you develop a general idea of how they operate and general cleaning procedures. Rooms such as basements and utility rooms are often less familiar for most people. This means that it can become a struggle to determine an effective solution if leaks or flooding occurs. Here are the services Hy-Pro Plumbing & Drain Cleaning offers if you are unsure of how to fix or address your problem.

  • Floor Drain Cleaning
  • Water Heater
  • Sump Pumps
  • Leak Repair
  • Toilet Repair
  • Water Restoration
  • Washing Machines
  • Sewer Line Repair
  • Frozen Pipes

While most people think about their plumbing in kitchens and bathrooms, your basement and utility rooms contain some of the most important residential plumbing systems such as floor drains and water heaters. If your floor drain is becoming an issue, give Hy-Pro Plumbing & Drain Cleaning a call for fast access to an experienced professional.

Basement Drain Cleaning Tips

Similar to typical drain cleaning habits you should develop, basements normally have a sump pump where frequent testing is recommended to prevent flooding.

Floor Drain Cleaning

Similar to your drains in your kitchens and bathrooms, floor drains are equipped with traps underneath. These traps can become clogged with dirt and debris which will result in flooding as rain and sewer water can accumulate. Don’t forget to check your floor drains in your basement as part of your monthly drain checking routine. However, if you notice that there is an issue that you cannot fix or are confused on what steps to do next, contact Hy-Pro Plumbing & Drain Cleaning for quick access to an experienced professional.

Frequently Test Your Sump Pumps

As sump pumps are another common drainage system located in basements, it is recommended that you test it frequently to ensure it is functionally appropriately and effectively. Sump pumps divert found water into nearby ponds, storm drains, or wells. If there is a problem with your sump pump, your floors can become flooded and damaged, especially after heavy rain.

To test your sump pump pour a bucket of water into the pump pit. The mechanism should turn on and begin to pump water away. If you notice an issue with your sump pump, schedule a free consultation with an experienced professional with Hy-Pro Plumbing & Drain Cleaning.

Keep Your Trap Seal Full

It is common if your basement floor drain is not getting a lot of use. If, however, there is no water in your trap seal, this may allow sewer gasses to diffuse. Therefore, it is important to keep your trap seal full of water. To do this, occasionally pour a bucket of water down the drain.

Laundry Room Drain Cleaning Services

As there are appliances, plumbing fixes, pipes, and faucets in and around your house, there is a lot that has to be monitored. Unlike appliances in the kitchen and bathroom, laundry room plumbing is often harder to navigate. When your washing machine is out of commission or your utility sink is failing to work properly, that can cause a problem in your daily productivity as more time and resources have to be used to clean your clothes. To ensure that you do not need to spend more time than necessary for fresh and clean clothing, Hy-Pro Plumbing & Drain Cleaning can help you with a variety of services.

  • Floor Drain Cleaning
  • Water Restoration
  • Toilet Repair
  • Leak Repair
  • Frozen Pipes
  • Sump Pumps
  • Water Heater
  • Sewer Line Repair

Common issues that occur within the laundry room area are not only working properly but also an unpleasant smell coming from the drain in your floor.

Laundry Room Drain Cleaning Tips

The most common type of buildup you will find in your drain lines of your laundry room is lint. The biggest advice is to check your drains and hoses on a daily basis. Keep in in mind that your washing machine involves drain lines and that it is recommended to keep these clean to prevent flooding.

Use Strainers

The use of strainers on drains will prevent hair, soap, and lint from entering and clogging the drain lines.

Outdoor Drain Cleaning Services

While you can become so fixated in maintaining your drains within your house, do not forget to check the great outdoors. You may use your outdoor fixtures for watering gardens and other outdoor activities. Now, your downspout drain must send the water away with the help of your pipes. Don’t forget that sewer lines also bring water in and take sewage out of your home. When there is a problem with these pipes, your property can become severely damaged. That is why Hy-Pro Plumbing & Drain Cleaning offers a variety of services to prevent this from happening.

  • Downspouts
  • Frozen Pipes
  • Faucet Repair
  • Sewer Line Repair
  • Water Heater
  • Leak Repair
  • Camera Line Inspection

Proper maintenance of your outdoor property makes your lawns looking the best it can be and saves you money. However, it can be tedious to keep your outdoor pipes and fixtures continuously in great condition. Give Hy-Pro Plumbing & Drain Cleaning a quick call for fast access to an experienced professional for free advice on maintaining your outdoor drainage systems and fixtures.

Outdoor Drain Cleaning Tips

Cleaning your outdoor pipes can be a tedious and messy task. In case you are up for the challenge of cleaning your outdoor drainage system, here are some tips to keep in mind.

Regularly Clean Your Downspouts And Gutters

Downspout and gutter maintenance services are especially important in the fall, spring, or after heavy rain, be certain to check your gutters, downspouts, and outdoor drains of any debris and leaves that may have accumulated.

Check For Tree Roots

Tree roots can destroy your drain and sewer lines. By pouring a root destroyer chemical into them twice a year, you can eliminate the problem before it grows. If you want to reach your sewer line, pour the product into your toilet bowl and flush. While this is a valid option, we do not use chemicals to remove your roots. Instead, we implement the use of a hydro jetter to effectively destroy tree roots.

Unplug And Drain The Hose

This is recommended if you live in an area with below-freezing temperatures during the winter. By unplugging and draining the hose and attaching a winterizing cover over the fixture, you will be protecting your outdoor faucet and the rest of your drainage system.

Emergency Drain Cleaning Services

Emergencies must be dealt with immediately. That is why our team of experienced plumbers at Hy-Pro Plumbing & Drain Cleaning are always ready to help with our twenty-four seven drain cleaning service. As we are well aware of the crucial importance of a clean and effective drain, we are always equipped with the necessary equipment to tackle any drain issue. Sometimes a small problem can actually be bigger than it really is, and to prevent the issue from reoccurring we will educate you about the cause and procedures in maintaining a clean drain.

For a fast, friendly, and experienced professional plumber, check out or contact one of our many locations in your area.

Regardless if your emergency is with your house or a retail space, contact Hy-Pro Plumbing & Drain Cleaning to quickly eliminate your problems with the utmost respect to you and your family or customers. We will always be ready to address your drain cleaning needs.

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